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Injection molding

A full range of products for the cleaning of screw, barrel and hot runners. All Ultra System products are safe for hot runners.

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Extrusion blow molding

Black specks and stripes are among the main issues.
We developed specific purging compounds for this application.

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Changing color and removing black spots.
It does not matter if you are producing pipes, plates, compounds, or different profiles.

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Blown film

During color changes or for regular cleaning, our products can prevent contaminations, gels and black spots. 
A good maintenance guarantees high quality.

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Preforms production

Using Ultra Plast PET-C or PET-CS you can save up to 80% of the cost for color change. 
A regular use will help you to reduce AA and screw slipping.

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Caps production

Stripes on the caps and black spots are originated in 90% of the cases from the hotrunner. 
With Ultra Plast PO-C or PO-CS there will be a drastical decrease of scrap production.

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Medical and clean room

Our range is suitable for white rooms. 
QUALIPURGE HT-CS can be used up to 420°C without smell and smoke.

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Cast film

Color change and regular cleaning can take a long time without a good purging agent. 
We can offer different cleaning solutions for cast film production. 

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