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We produce only purging compounds.

We care about quality. Because it's our business.

The initial aims of the company were to carry out development, research and updating of products for the cleaning of injection presses, extruders, blow molding machines and film blowing plants: in fact the presence and the use of plastic materials with new chemical formula on one side, and the requirement of industries for new specific products on the other side, need a continuous research and development. 

Today Ultra Plast is a well known brand worldwide and Ultra System as a producer of only purging compound is considered a reliable supplier for the solution of any purging/cleaning issue in material processing; we can offer specific products depending on the industrial sector, for packaging industry, medical/pharmaceutical and cosmetics, automotive, electrical and household appliance industries.





Every day tons of plastics are wasted during color change, material change or because the production is contaminated with black spots or burnt material. Using Ultra Plast can reduce drastically the waste production. 


We are committed to economical and environmental sustainability.
We believe that our balanced approach to these two interdependent elements play a key role in our ongoing success.


A cleaning solution for each sector

“I use all the three ranges in my production. I have been using the standard grades for years.

The new CS grade gives excellent results on the difficult color change, and the liquid product is very easy and quick to use on our big cast extruder.”


- Jim Stansfeld - 

No more smoke or smell in the production

“I really appreciate Ultra Plast HT-CS. We work mainly with high-tech polymers, and not so many purging compounds can work at high temperatures.

Until two years ago we were convinced that it was unavoidable to have smell and smoke during purging. Now thanks to the HT-CS we have excellent cleaning result and at the same time no smell and smoke in production.”


- James Lee - 

The easiest way to clean hotrunners

 "Everybody is scared to inject a purging compound in the mold, especially when producing preforms. We had bad experiences with many purging compounds, so we always cleaned the hotrunners with production PET. 

As we cannot get rid of the white stripes of titanium dioxide when changing color from white to clear, we tested the Ultra Plast PET-S.

I was really astonished of how easy the procedure was! The machine was cleaned in 5 shots.

Now we are using Ultra Plast in almost all the color change, saving a lot of scrap production."


- Steve Brown  - 

Why not to try?

“We were visiting Fakuma exhibition. We stopped just in front of the ULTRA SYSTEM stand. When they proposed us to test their purging compound I explained them that I tested so many purging compounds... but I never found one of them working properly.
However, why not try another one?
Well. Now I found the one working properly.”


-Rolf Müller-

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